What is hypr3D?

hypr3D is a web-based software service that allows anyone to create a 3D model by simply taking a series of photos or a video of an object or scene. Each model is given a unique model page with an interactive 3D viewer and all of the digital model files created are available to download for free.

How much does hypr3D cost?

It's FREE! Provided you follow our Terms of Service, you can make as many models as you want, view them, share them with others, and embed them on your own site all for free for up to 1 GB of storage – even if your models are commercial in nature. For more than 1GB of storage, the details on our premium plans will be available soon.

How does hypr3D work?

After you upload your images or video, our electronic hamsters get to work matching features in each of your images. The result of a single matched feature in three (3) or more images is a point (a point represents a known point on the surface of your object) and we find hundreds of thousands of point to create a 3D colored point cloud. Next, we connect the dots in your point cloud to reconstruct the surface of your object (it's called a mesh) and finally we add the images to the reconstructed mesh as texture.

How accurate is hypr3D?

hypr3D is generally accurate to within 1-3%, depending on the quality of images or video uploaded and the subject. You can see more information about getting the right images in our Shooting for hypr3D guide.

Are the images I upload made public?

Yes. The images you upload and the digital files created by hypr3D are made public. We are working on a "make private" feature and will be releasing it soon.

How many photos can I use in a single hypr3D model?

The ideal size for a hypr3D model is 12-60 photos. hypr3D is attempting to match every image against every other, so you can see how more than 60 images will take a very very long time to reconstruct and while we can often match more photos than 60 (the most we've done is around 200), the marginal value of those additional photos is minimal.

What sort of camera should I use? Can I use a mobile phone camera?

Almost any digital camera made in the last 3-4 years will work. We usually recommend capturing images >2MP and images above 5MP have limited impact on the quality of your model. High quality mobile cameras, like the iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S work very well. Webcams and low-quality mobile cameras are not recommended.

Help! How do I get ____ to work?

Sometimes things just don’t work right. Be sure to review our tutorials and follow us on Twitter for latest news. Also, you can connect with the hypr3D commuity at getsat to see common issues and bugs. If you still need assistance, please email us at support@hypr3d.com and we'll try to help.

What are the system requirements?

We are a cloud based service, so all you need is a digital camera and the ability to upload your photos to hypr3D.


My model is on EXIF data hold - what does that mean?

This is absolutely normal. We use information that is encoded in your images by the camera to help us when we are determining the camera positions. If that information does not match information we have (or if we don't have enough information about the camera in question), we go through the manual process of investigating the issue and adding that camera information to our database. Most of the time, we're able to solve it on our end and remove the hold within 24 hours.

What is the "hypr" factor?

The hypr factor rating is how we describe well reconstructed models. It is a measure of the number of points that are reconstructed given the amount image data you uploaded. For instance, if you upload 50 images and all of those images contribute a high number of points to your 3D model's point cloud, then your hypr factor should be 100 (which is the maximum value). The hypr factor (HF) is not the only measure of a successful reconstruction.


How do I delete a model?

Soon we will add a feature to delete your model page yourself, but for now, if you'd like to delete your model, just send us an email at support@hypr3d.com and be sure to include the URL to your model page.

What is a pointcloud?

The point cloud is a series of colored points that represent points on the surface of the objects in the scene. Not only do we use this point cloud as the base of your hypr3D model, these points can be viewed directly to see a "spatial" reconstruction of your object(s).

What is a wireframe? What is a surface mesh?

The wireframe is a what is created when all of the points are "connected" to reconstruct the surface of the object. After we create the wireframe, the surface mesh is just a solid representation of the wireframe. A surface mesh can have texture, like your final hypr3D model, or it can be textureless, like the high resolution mesh file we provide.

What programs can use my digital files?

Most CAD programs have the ability to use pointclouds as references in building CAD models. If you would like to look point cloud, take measurements and convert it to other formats, we recommend the free meshlab software available here.