Hypr3D is now Cubify Capture

We've moved!

Same great service, new great platform

High resolution model viewing in the browser (using WebGL)

Browser-based model editing (crop unwanted faces)

Save files as .OBJ+texture and .STL

Seamless integration with the entire Cubify platform (including cloud printing service)

Sign up now at

How to use Cubify Capture:

1) Cubify Capture will require a new login and password. Sign up at cubify.com
2) All existing hypr3D models are still available in the hypr3D gallery or in your "My Models" page.
3) We will be providing a tool to transfer existing hypr3D models to Cubify Capture in the next week or two, in the meantime, try the new service and let us know what you think at cubifycapture at cubify dot com.

Thanks for using hypr3D!
We look forward to this transition being a smooth and beneficial one for all of our users.